Product Liability

Property Inspector РCambridge, MA

We are the premiere inspection company in Massachusetts for an international product liability claims adjustment company, and we can do the same for you. We can inspect and document for you or your company property damage due to water leaks, car damage, product failures or natural disaster. We provide a written report describing the damage, materials affected, measurements of the areas and digital photographs. We can e-mail that information anywhere you need it. We can provide the report as soon as we have access to the property in question.

A.I. Home Inspection Product LiabilityWater is the most destructive force to any building, either from the exterior or interior. Most interior building products will deteriorate rapidly. Wood grains will raise, drywall will mildew, tiles will pop and appliances will short out.

Cars and trucks can severely damage a building and cause structural damage even at low speeds. Tall trucks can damage awnings, overhangs or car ports. Retaining walls can be backed into. Garage doors and entry gates can be misjudged and damaged to the point of being unusable.

Product containers or container handles can fail causing liquids to stain finished building products. Commercial equipment or appliances can leak fluids damaging floors, clothing or other items. Products stored improperly can fall, be crushed or cause injuries to people.

Nature can cause trees to fall on buildings. Wind can cause both minor and major damage from blowing shingles off roofs to removing buildings from their foundations. Rains can back up storm drains and sewers. It can even blow sideways and blow through window jambs, sills and heads.

We do not investigate the causes for the damage, we simply impartially document the end results. Give us a call at 617-477-3427 for product liability inspections.