Home Inspection Report

A.I. Home Inspection – Andover, MA

Houses are built to last a lifetime, but the various components and systems wear out at fairly regular and predictable times. There are literally thousands of variables to consider, and we will not discover every item in need of attention. The purpose of our inspection is to discover the major deficiencies and unsafe conditions, but we cannot assure you that your house is free of major structural or other problems. Our survey is a visual inspection, and we must respect the property rights of the owner. For that reason, we do not do any destructive testing, nor can we interpret nonvisual obscured or concealed faults. Remember, all homes have problems, but not all problems are detectable. This report is only a “snapshot” on the condition and operation of the building systems at the time of the inspection.

There are risks in home ownership, and our inspection cannot remove these risks for you. However, we will make an honest effort to shed light on problems by interpreting the signs and clues we see in our visual inspection. Unfortunately, mechanical equipment inspected today may fail after we leave, plumbing or roofs may develop leaks, air or water in the house may be unsafe. The pipes or electrical wiring in unseen areas may not be satisfactory and the air conditioning or heat may not keep you comfortable under all circumstances, or in all rooms. The water heater may not satisfy all your needs. We cannot assure you that your house complies with all codes and regulations, that repairs can be made based on our estimates or that repairmen will guarantee their work or even furnish fixed estimates. In addition, repairs may not be readily available or economically feasible.

As with any home, problems will occur. Mechanical items are like watches – one day they work and the next day they don’t, or they may sometimes work intermittently. Our inspection does not relieve you of the responsibility to perform a walk through prior to closing. Mechanical items can fail and damage can occur between the time of our inspection and your occupancy.

A.I. Home Inspection ReportWe can assure you that we will make a conscientious and thorough effort to discover the major deficiencies that may significantly affect the value of the property. Naturally, the inspector is a generalist with limited knowledge in many fields and may not be considered an expert in any specific field.

About the only certainties of home ownership are that problems will occur. You’ll find opinions that differ from ours and that the taxes will go up. However, hopefully you’ll experience many joys and pleasures in your new home and enjoy its comforts and the returns of one of the best investments possible. We sincerely hope our survey and report are valuable to you and that our inspector is able to communicate his knowledge and experiences, fairly and honestly to you.

Neither A.I. Home Inspection or the inspector has any financial interest in the property or is associated in any way in the transaction with any party to the transaction other than for inspection purposes.

If you disagree with our opinion, please call. There is a tendency to view service people’s opinion as “the expert.” These include roofers, plumbers, electricians, appliance trade people and air conditioning contractors. All these “specialists” have something to sell you, but good mechanics may not be good troubleshooters. WE ARE OBJECTIVE AND IMPARTIAL, RELY ON US.

We are a customer driven company with a strong desire to serve our customers by proving the best possible inspection experience possible.

Our goal is for our name to be synonymous with quality, integrity and service.