Hiring Expert Contractors

Building Inspectors – Woburn, MA

Don’t Lose Out With Poor Construction Work.

There are some unscrupulous and unqualified workers offering construction work. Beware of the “good deal” that may turn out to be a sour deal.

Expert Contractors and Home Inspectors Woburn MAAsk all trades people for a copy of their licenses, including occupational licenses if applicable. Check out their licenses with the local or regional building department before giving the contractor any money.

Ask for a certificate of insurance that covers Workman’s Compensation and contractors liability. If an uninsured workman is injured on your property, you could be liable.

Call your local building department to find out if a permit is required for your project. Don’t take the contractor’s word that a permit is not required because the job is considered a repair. You as the property owner could be liable for a fine if a required permit has not been issued.

If a permit is required, regular inspections will be made to insure that your project is safe, stable and durable. Unlicensed persons cannot obtain building permits to perform construction projects.

Most remodeling projects are required to have a permit issued prior to the start of work. Even some small electrical or plumbing jobs must have permits. Incompetent work could affect the health and safety of the building occupants.

  • Ask to see the occupational or contractor’s license before paying any money to tradespeople.
  • Call your local building department to check out the contractor and find out if a permit is required for the work.
  • Ask the contractor for references and check out these references.
  • Obtain certificates of insurance from the contractor prior to start of work. At a minimum, the reputable contractor will have to cover any workers that might be injured on the job.
  • Remember that the best price might not be the best deal. Get at least three bids on larger projects.