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24-Point Lead Determination $225
(with Basic Home Inspection within RT128 )

You need quick answers when purchasing a home, rental property or checking the safety of your current living environment. Call ASAP Environmental toll free, 24-hours a day at 800-349-7779 or go online at www.asapenvironmental.com to schedule your inspection.

ASAP performs most inspections within 48 hours of your call. Plus, we’ll give you a FREE estimate of your inspection costs over the phone. You will receive a full written report of your results and friendly, courteous help on what steps to take after your inspection.

Lead paint can be found in almost 75% of all housing built before 1978 and a dangerous mold infestation could exist in any home no matter how old the home is. A professional inspection from ASAP Environmental is the best way to protect yourself before you buy.

Know the law

The Massachusetts Lead Law says you must remove a lead hazard if a child under the age of six is living in your home. The law applies to all properties built before 1978 where a child is present, including single-family homes. If a child under the age of six lives in your home or in property you lease, you must comply with the law by removing a lead hazard within 30 to 90 days.

Owners of properties built before 1978 who are receiving certain types of federal assistance now face tougher federal health regulations designed to protect occupants from lead contamination. Even if a child under the age of six is not living in the building, these owners must have a lead risk assessment performed on the property to detect whether a hazard exists. ASAP Environmental is state certified to perform risk assessment to determine the scope of a lead hazard.


ASAP Environmental offers complete lead inspections with advanced XRF technology – including certified risk assessment and abatement consulting.

ASAP Environmental has helped thousands of New England homeowners in detecting dangerous levels of lead and taking the necessary measures to protect their families and property investments. Each lead inspection by ASAP Environmental includes a written report and friendly, courteous help on what steps to take to eliminate a lead problem in your home.

ASAP Environmental Inc. offers full-service lead inspections, including:

  • Certified risk assessment
  • Abatement consulting for lead removal options
  • Re-inspection for full compliance with lead laws
  • FREE information on deleading financing

ASAP Environmental inspectors are trained, state certified and fully insured and use advanced XRF lead detection technology. XRF technology is the most accurate lead detection technology available. It’s safe, non-invasive and detects lead in seconds.


Certified mold detection services by ASAP Environmental include surface, air and bulk sampling and laboratory analysis.

The Problem of Mold in Buildings

Buildings provide conditions conducive to mold growth when they become moist. Any construction flaw or damage to the structure that allows moisture inside creates the potential for mold growth. Wood, cellulose and other organic building materials provide fertile conditions when wet. Statistics from the US Census Bureau indicate that approximately 35% of American homes are water damaged each year, so the opportunity for mold to grow, cause illness to occupants and damage structures is extensive.

Health Effects of Mold Exposure

Everyone is exposed to some mold in indoor air. When molds grow indoors, exposure is greater, which is unhealthy for anyone. People with breathing difficulties, immune system problems or allergies are more likely to have ill effects. Infants, children, pregnant women and the elderly can be more sensitive to the effects of mold exposure. Some molds are more hazardous than others. Humans vary greatly in reaction to mold exposure, both as to quantity and species.

ASAP Environmental inspectors are certified to provide complete inspection and testing for mold, including:

  • Visual assessment
  • Air quality sampling
  • Surface and bulk sampling
  • Microscopic analysis by certified microbiology laboratory
  • Detailed analysis and reporting
  • Mold remediation consulting
  • Post-cleaning/Remediation clearance inspections

ASAP Environmental inspectors are trained and certified in mold detection and analysis. Samples collected by ASAP inspectors are sent to a Certified Environmental Microbiology Laboratory for analysis.

ASAP Environmental is an inspection company; we do not perform the actual remediation. We do, however, offer mold remediation consulting and the preparation of work specifications to assist you in taking the proper steps to solve your mold problems.